Unimelb Semester 1 2019 Exchange Participant Sign Up

Are you ever-curious?

Enjoy meeting new people?

Want to represent your faculty?


Hey there!


University Knowledge Exchange is calling all lovers of interdisciplinary learning to sign up for our Semester 1 exchange.

University Knowledge Exchange offers students from different academic backgrounds opportunities to share their knowledge and see beyond their specialisation through short group exchanges on campus. UKX empowers students to think in new ways, speak different academic languages, and unite different realms of knowledge, both within themselves, and out in the world.

Our goals are to:

  • Accelerate inter-faculty knowledge sharing
  • Inspire new ways of problem-solving
  • Create a more collaborative campus

SIGN UP HERE: https://fs9.formsite.com/9y1Ucj/0jd5qqaxav/index.html

Bursting to know more? Contact us at info@ukx.com.au or visit ukx.com.au

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